Things To Consider Before Buying A House That Has A Swimming Pool

Things To Consider Before Buying A House That Has A Swimming Pool

Things To Consider Before Buying A House That Has A Swimming Pool

6 November 2018
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As you start looking at houses for sale, you will probably want to schedule showings for some of the houses you come across. Viewing homes is the best way to truly see what the homes look like and what they offer, and you may wonder what you should do if you come across one you really like that has a swimming pool. If you were not planning on buying a house with a swimming pool, here are several things you should consider before you proceed with putting in an offer on this house.

Consider If You Want the Work That Comes with It

Owning a swimming pool has pros and cons, and one of the biggest drawbacks is the amount of work it takes to keep a pool clean and up and running all summer long. Before you rush into buying a house with a pool, make sure you really think about whether or not you are ready for the work that you will have to do when you own a pool. If you do not think you have time, or if you are simply totally against owning a pool, you probably should look for a different house to buy.

There is the option of hiring a company to take care of the pool during the summer months, though, and a lot of people handle their pool maintenance this way, simply because it offers an easy solution for pool owners.

Make Sure You Get It Inspected

Most people hire home inspectors to examine and evaluate homes before they buy them, and you should do this too; however, you should realize that the home inspection probably will not include inspecting the pool. Because of this, you should hire a pool contractor to come to inspect the pool.

A pool contractor will be able to complete a full inspection on the pool and all of its components. This will include the pool liner or surface, the water system, the pump, and every other component of the system. When finished, the pool contractor will give you an idea about the age, condition, and quality of the pool. This inspection will help you know if you will need to put a lot of extra work in the system to get it up and running.

If you want a house with a pool, your real estate agent can help you find one; however, if you find a house you like that has a pool, make sure you fully think this through before making an offer.

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