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5 Trends Luxury Home Buyers Are Opting For When Building A New House

New home buyers are very specific when it comes to what they are looking for in a new house. Often, these needs lead them to new construction. Deciding to build can be stressful, but it can result in getting the home of your dreams. Once a builder, lot, and floor plan have all be determined, buyers need to work out the details for all the extras they want. Over the years, what new home buyers are looking for has changed. Some of the latest trends are listed below. 

1. High Ceiling: Wanting high ceilings has been a request for at least 30 years, but buyers are moving past the two-story foyer. They want more. Ten foot ceilings throughout the home—even the basement—are now an every day occurrence. 

2. Scraped Wood Floors: Taste in flooring varies from person to person, but wood floors are a perennial favorite. The Brazilian cherry of the late 90s has morphed into several color variations since. The current trend is to darker tones, particularly a true brown with hand scarping details. This look can be achieved via mechanical means or by hand-scarping depending on the buyer's budget, but the rustic detail is a necessity for most. 

3. 2nd Kitchen: Over the years, it is not uncommon to hear requests for a 2nd kitchen. The change is in the location. The second kitchen is moving from the basement to the main floor and is often adjoining the first kitchen. Considered a catering kitchen, it is where the mess is contained during an open house party where guests would see the main kitchen. Don't worry. This is not replacing the need for an outdoor kitchen. 

4. 4-Car Garage: The garage has gradually grown larger and larger. Buyers not only want extra length to accommodate oversize vehicles, like SUV and extended cab pick ups that do not fit in the typical, 24 foot deep garage, but they also want more parking spots. Requesting three was standard, but builders are now seeing multiple requests for 4-car garages. The prevailing thought is that you can't add more later so build as large of a garage as your lot—and HOA—will allow. 

5. Home Theater: The home theater has become so ubiquitous that most buyers would balk at the idea of building a new home without one. They don't necessarily have to be large spaces, seating for 6-8 is adequate, but they do have to be state-of-the-art. 

When building the home of your dreams, talk to your home builder about adding one—or all—of the above trends. 

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