Tips to Make Sure the Home You Buy Is as Expected

Tips to Make Sure the Home You Buy Is as Expected

Tips to Make Sure the Home You Buy Is as Expected

27 June 2019
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There are a lot of different details and features that you will specifically look for in the home you decide to purchase. In addition to making sure the home you select has the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and the right square feet, you should also make sure the home does not miss any important components or come with any extra surprises or problems with its physical structure or legal boundaries. Here are some tips to help you make sure the home you are buying is as it should be.

Order Title Services

When you buy a home you want to make sure the home's legal description is an accurate description of the home and property you are touring through. You also expect to buy a home that is free of any claims from a third party or prior owner. In order to protect your legal interest in the home you are buying, you can order a real estate title search service to visit the property. 

The title company will research the property's title and make sure there are no prior liens on the home's title, such as mechanic's liens or an old second mortgage that was never released. Once they have researched to make sure you will receive a clean title on your new home, they will provide title insurance to protect your interest in the property.

Complete a Walk-Through

Just before you close on a home and after the previous owners have moved out, you will want to complete a visual inspection walkthrough of the home one final time before you close on its purchase. During this final walkthrough, you will inspect the home and check to make sure all items that are to be included in the home and its sale are present in the home.

Look to make sure items are present inside the home, such as the bedroom and closet doors, fridge, air conditioner, electrical fixtures, and any other components that are to be included in the sale. If, for example, you offered to buy the washer and dryer with the home, make sure they are present. Or if you are buying the trampoline and swing set in the backyard, make sure they have been left in the yard by the previous owners.

You will also want to make sure the home is in its expected condition. For example, you will check to make sure the prior owners or tenants did not damage or destroy any areas inside the home, such as holes in the walls or excessive stains on the flooring.

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