Things To Compare As You Look At Golf Course Homes For Sale

Things To Compare As You Look At Golf Course Homes For Sale

Things To Compare As You Look At Golf Course Homes For Sale

8 July 2019
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Whether you're looking for a vacation home, retirement home, or a new place to live with your family, a golf course home could be ideal. Golf course communities are often upscale with beautiful homes and well-tended grounds. It's a perfect setting if you love to play golf, but you can enjoy living in a golf community even if you don't play golf at all. Keep these things in mind as you look at golf course homes for sale so you make the right choice in a new home.

Club Membership Types And Rules

Golf communities differ in the club membership rules and costs. Some bundle club membership with the price of the house. This saves you from paying a hefty membership fee although you'll still have to pay a yearly fee. Golf communities that don't bundle the club membership may require a large initiation fee as well as ongoing costs, such as a mandatory minimum monthly dining fee in the clubhouse.

Another thing you'll want to understand is how to use your golf club membership and how much it will cost you. When you find a golf course home you truly love, take time to understand how the membership works and how it will affect your finances and your ability to play golf when you want.

Recreational And Social Activities

Many golf course communities also provide an active tennis lifestyle and maybe even boating if there is a lake nearby. You may not want to spend all of your time golfing, so having other activities you enjoy on the grounds is nice. The communities usually have a more active social life than traditional neighborhoods. There may be fine dining in the clubhouse along with special events throughout the year.

If you love social activities, then you'll want to look into the offerings provided so you can mingle with your neighbors and other club members at both casual and formal events.

HOA Restrictions

Golf course communities often have stricter HOA rules than other communities because of the upscale homes in the neighborhood. This is good because you won't have to worry about your neighbors letting their property deteriorate. However, you'll want to make sure you can abide by the regulations.

Read the HOA rules so you know what you can and can't do with your home. Things like owning pets, maintaining your home's exterior, parking, and even the type of vehicles you can park in your driveway may be regulated. Find out if you're responsible for lawn care or if it's included in your HOA fees. You may want to know if fences are allowed, and if so, what type. Paint color and roofing type may even be regulated. You might also be restricted in what you can do with your yard. For example, a tree house, kiddie pool, swing set, or garden might be prohibited.

When you find HOA rules you can live with, then you'll have peace of mind knowing your neighbors have to comply as well and that your community will maintain its prestige and glamorous appearance.

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