How A Real Estate Agent Can Market Your Home

How A Real Estate Agent Can Market Your Home

How A Real Estate Agent Can Market Your Home

9 October 2020
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Are you looking to sell your home, but wondering what benefits a real estate agent can provide? Here are some ways that a real estate agent can market your home to find a buyer.

Direct Mail

It's possible that your real estate agent wants to try a direct mail marketing option to get a seller interested. This can be done by mailing postcards with a photo of your home, and contact information for how to get in touch with the real estate agent. Direct mail is a great way to get people interested in your home, even if they aren't looking at the moment. It can generate leads by getting people to check out the home based on the info provided on the postcard. 

Ad Banners

Online marketing can be incredibly effective since banners can follow interested users around the internet and keep showing them images of your home. This can be done to target specific people that are looking for homes in your area, and repeatedly showing them similar ads that will help generate their interest over time. A single ad impression will likely not do the trick, but the ability to effectively market to the same interested audience over and over again may help generate a lead. You can set up ads to follow people that have viewed your home listing one time so that you keep reminding them of the home.

Online Classified Ads

Many people do not look at traditional real estate sites but go to online classified sites. That is why it is worth putting ads in these locations to target an entirely different group of buyers. These are the types of people that may be looking for a different approach or trying to buy a home directly from an owner. Ads can get them interested in the home by coming across the listing in this location.

Social Media Video Ads

There is a lot of power behind using social media video ads. You can target your key demographic that is going to be looking for homes, and get a video to scroll across their news feed. Video ads are nice because it guarantees that someone scrolling through their news feed will see those first few seconds of video, which can be enough to peak their interest and schedule a showing.

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