Which Friends And Family Can Help You Find The Best Realtor In Your Area?

Which Friends And Family Can Help You Find The Best Realtor In Your Area?

Which Friends And Family Can Help You Find The Best Realtor In Your Area?

30 December 2020
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Who can help you to find the best realtor in your local area? If this is your first real estate experience, take a look at the dos and don'ts that can help you to find the agent of your dreams.

Do Ask Locals Only

Your BFF is in-the-know when it comes to all things real estate. But they live across the country and only come to your hometown for an occasional visit. Even though you may have friends or family with extensive industry knowledge, they don't know the local market or the local realtors. Instead of a nationwide hunt for information, restrict your realtor search to people who live near you.

Don't Ask Acquaintances

How much do you trust the barista at the local coffee shop or your friend's cousin's co-worker who you met one time at a holiday party? If you can't answer this question, skip the source. While acquaintances can provide general details about your future new neighborhood, you need someone who you know and trust to help you find just the right realtor.

Do Ask Experienced Real Estate Buyers or Sellers

Even though you've narrowed down your referral sources to people you know well who live in the local area, you still need to add another qualification to the list. While some of your best friends or relatives may know realtors on a personal level, only accept recommendations from people who have professional knowledge of the agent's skills. This means the source should have either bought or sold a home with the realtor in question.

Don't Ask Sources Without Residential Experience

Narrow down your search and make sure your would-be referral source has professional residential experience with your would-be future agent. If the friend, family member, or other trusted person only worked with the realtor to buy/sell commercial property, they won't have the knowledge necessary to evaluate the agent's residential real estate prowess.

Do Ask Friends or Family Who Recently Bought or Sold Homes

So your trusted best friend lives nearby and bought a residential property (in other words, their home) from an agent. Before you agree to meet with their recommended realtor, ask your referral source when they last used the agent's services. Real estate markets change quickly. If your friend bought their home a decade ago, their review will most likely include outdated information.

Choose to ask friends or relatives who recently bought or sold a home locally. These sources can help you to understand the agent's ability to work effectively in the current market.

In conclusion, to find the best realtor in your area for your needs, get advice on which realtor to use from trusted sources who have relevant experience when you are selecting which agent you'll trust to help you find your new home.

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