3 Tips To Buy A Single-Family Home With Minimal Upkeep

3 Tips To Buy A Single-Family Home With Minimal Upkeep

3 Tips To Buy A Single-Family Home With Minimal Upkeep

10 November 2021
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Renting a home and owning a home both have advantages and disadvantages. As a renter, you do not have to worry much about maintenance because you can contact your landlord if anything goes wrong to take care of the problem. Being a homeowner means that you will be responsible for handling all the maintenance and repairs around the property.

Minimizing upkeep with your home is possible by making certain demands while house hunting.

Square Footage

Getting a large home can give you lots of bedrooms, bathrooms, and oversized rooms. While huge rooms provide increased flexibility with furniture and allow for a higher guest capacity, you may find reduced upkeep more appealing. An easy way to make this happen is by demanding small homes with just enough square footage to satisfy your family's needs.

A small property is easier to maintain because the important systems will not be so extensive, including the air conditioning, heating, electrical, and plumbing. Also, since both the floors and walls get dirty over time, you will have less floor and wall space to clean and maintain.


The landscape on a property can determine how much time and effort you must put into upkeep. For instance, an enormous lawn with a large collection of nonnative plants will require consistent effort to keep the yard healthy and visually appealing. The good part is that you can find listings with small lawns and an emphasis on native plants that are not demanding at all.

A small lawn is one that you can often maintain on your own. However, you will find it best to get an irrigation system that handles watering for the entire landscape. This feature setup keeps you from needing to go outside several times per week and water everything by hand.


Buying a single-family home may require you to maintain the sidewalk outside. You may need to clean up leaf debris and shovel snow to provide a safe walking passage for everyone. Trees and the elements can cause wear and tear or damage that you must repair in a timely manner.  

Prioritizing small plots of land usually means that you will have minimal sidewalk to maintain. At the very least, you can avoid corner lots that can have double the sidewalk space as the same kind of home in the middle of a block. A possible alternative is to focus on neighborhoods without any sidewalks because you will eliminate the need to maintain the sidewalk at all.

Buying a single-family home using these tips could help you minimize upkeep.

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