4 Important Attributes To Consider When Choosing An Apartment As A Single Senior

4 Important Attributes To Consider When Choosing An Apartment As A Single Senior

4 Important Attributes To Consider When Choosing An Apartment As A Single Senior

12 April 2023
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Senior apartment complexes are specifically designed to cater to residents that belong to a certain age group. If you are transitioning into retirement and looking to move to a neighborhood of individuals who are in a similar place in life, these apartment complexes can be attractive. While you may have access to several apartment options, each complex can have a different collection of amenities, rules, and prices. To help you narrow down the choices to find your next home, be sure to consider these important attributes.  

Does the property have good security measures in place?

As a senior, security can be exceptionally important. Therefore, any senior living apartment complex you are considering should have good security measures in place. Each complex can have different measures in place, such as: 

  • Alarm systems in each individual unit 
  • Parking areas under monitored camera surveillance 
  • Perimeter fencing with gated access 
  • On-site security guards 
  • Social areas with access restriction 

Is the apartment friendly for someone who will live alone?

If you will be living in the apartment alone, it will be important that the dwelling is outfitted with certain features that could be important as a senior. For example, you may need help with housekeeping or laundry or need mobility-friendly features inside the unit like grip bars around the shower or wider door frames. Also, make sure the senior apartment complex managers allow you to have overnight guests if needed. 

Does the apartment complex offer amenities that support social gatherings?

Staying social as a senior can be a lot of fun when you live in a community of like-minded individuals. Look at the amenities at the senior living complex. Do these amenities support your preferences for socializing? For example, maybe you enjoy spending time with friends poolside in the summer or enjoying card games with a large group. If so, senior apartment complexes with a pool and recreation hall may be more desirable. 

Does the property suit your fixed budget?

A senior apartment complex can be a desirable place to live, but the prices can vary drastically from one location to the next. As you evaluate your options, be sure to request up-front quotes to ensure a specific apartment fits your personal budget. A good rule of thumb is that the more amenities a location offers, the more costly the apartment's rent will be from month to month. However, some properties will also have more affordable base rental prices and the ability to pay for add-ons, such as housekeeping or gym access. 

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