Things That Can Easily Break During A Move

Things That Can Easily Break During A Move

Things That Can Easily Break During A Move

17 October 2018
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Knowing how to properly pack for a move is crucial, since there is a chance that things can break while they are being transported from one home to the other. While purchasing insurance is one way to ensure that your items are covered in the event of an accident, you should be taking proper precaution so that damage does not occur. Here are some things that can easily break during a move, as well as how to prevent them from becoming broken.


Your dishes are a very fragile item that can easily break by the time they get to your new house. The reason this can easily happen is because the dishes are touching each other in the box. Many people make the mistake of placing all of their dishes in a stack with each one touching, much like how they are stacked in a kitchen cabinet. While this is fine for a cabinet, it is not okay for moving

Each place should be individually wrapped so that there is a barrier between them. You can even take a piece of cardboard and lay it flat between each place to some extra cushion. Check your local moving supply store for boxes made specifically for dishes and glassware, since they are designed to move these items perfectly. No items will touch, and the box will be the right size so that it is not too heavy, which can cause the bottom of the box to fall out.


A television can become broken in a couple of ways. The first one is not having protection for the screen, which can crack if it gets bumped the wrong way in transit. The solution is to place a moving blanket over the television and secure it in place with plastic wrap. You can also cut up an extra large box and secure it to the screen.

You will also want to remove all cables from the television. There is too big of a risk that the cable will get tugged and cause HDMI ports to bend as a result.

Hard Drives

Many laptops have solid state hard drives in them, which can take a bit of a bump. However, you may have older hard drives that use a spinning disk. If these drives take a big bump during a move, it can cause the mechanical parts of the drive to fail and you'll lose your data. Be extra careful when moving hard drives, and consider not putting them in a box for the moving companies to take. Instead, take them with you and handle them with care.

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