Three Methods For Selling A House For Cash Quickly

Three Methods For Selling A House For Cash Quickly

Three Methods For Selling A House For Cash Quickly

29 October 2018
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Selling a house can be a fast endeavor, but when there is financing to deal with, the process can take a longer amount of time. Having to wait for the bank to approve the loan and waiting around for the right documents to be submitted turns home selling into a waiting game. Sometimes the loan can fall through, which means that you have to start the selling process at the drawing board. One of the best ways to speed up the process is to sell a house for cash. Selling for cash can come with its own set of variables, which is why you should institute these three methods for a quick sale. 

Offer to cover the closing costs

When it comes to a cash buyer, the best way to attract someone is to be a generous seller. One of the ways to show your generosity, and speed up the process, is to offer to pay the closing costs. Closing costs are often several thousand dollars after the attorneys and agents have been paid. Offer to cover all of the closing costs so that buyers do not have to factor in any extras aside from the cost of the home. 

Leave furniture and appliances

Unless absolutely necessary, it is a good idea to leave essential furniture and appliances when you are selling a home for cash. Often cash buyers are looking to set up shop quickly. Those who have saved money to purchase a home in cash may also be very frugal with their money, which means getting a good deal is on their mind. Not having to purchase appliances or furniture will help to bring in those who want to settle into their new home right away. Leaving the furniture and appliances will also appeal to those who flip homes or may be interested in a fixer project because it adds more money to their budget. 

Advertise in the right areas

Along with advertising in the front yard of the home, it is a good idea to advertise the house elsewhere. Advertise in areas that are likely to have cash buyers, such as home repair stores, luxury magazines, and even areas such as golf courses and private members clubs. These spaces will have an array of potential buyers, driving up the interest and possibility of an offer on your home. Be sure to be clear that the offers must be in cash so that each person can come with their best cash offer in hand when approaching you with interest in your home. 

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