Newly Transplanted To Beach Life? 3 Important Things To Know About Buying A Waterfront Home

Newly Transplanted To Beach Life? 3 Important Things To Know About Buying A Waterfront Home

Newly Transplanted To Beach Life? 3 Important Things To Know About Buying A Waterfront Home

1 November 2018
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Those who make the choice to move from a landlocked state to a coastal area are in for an exciting experience. For most, adopting the beach life means making a new start in a milder climate amidst a more relaxed cultural environment. Those who adapt well and decide to put down roots often choose to begin searching for a waterfront home to purchase. If you are among the thousands of people who are drawn to the coast each year, the following tips can help ensure that any waterfront property you consider purchasing will turn out to be the home of your dreams. 

Understand the current and future plans for the area

Coastal towns and cities are in a constant state of flux, much like the shorelines where they are located. Because of this, prospective coastal property buyers will need to make sure they have a good understanding of both the current and future regulations concerning any parcel of waterfront real estate. These regulations can limit or even forbid how the property owner can use their property, including:

  • whether they are allowed to build a boat house, dock, or other structure on their property
  • whether they must allow public access through their property to the beach or water's edge
  • what erosion control efforts they may be required to supply 

In addition to any regulations planned or put into place by the town, city, or county, beach front property buyers must also be aware of, and abide by, any rules and regulations imposed on the state or federal level. An example of this is restricted lighting rules during the turtle nesting season on some Florida beaches. 

Perform inspections to ensure structures are built to withstand conditions

Another thing the prospective buyers of waterfront homes should do is to make sure that any offer they make is contingent upon the results of inspections for any structures on the property, as well as the shoreline. These inspections should take into account the construction methods used and their ability to withstand storms or environmental challenges common to the region. 

Hire a professional with experience in the local area

Prospective first-time buyers of waterfront homes cannot be expected to know the history of the area or how to recognize the best properties for their needs. By seeking the representation of a real estate professional with extensive experience in the area, these buyers can feel more confident that they will ultimately make a great choice for their first purchase. 

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