Why These Home Features Aren't Beneficial To Everyone

Why These Home Features Aren't Beneficial To Everyone

Why These Home Features Aren't Beneficial To Everyone

2 November 2018
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Is a huge yard a good or bad thing when looking at residential real estate for sale? It can be either; it all depends on who you ask. Here are other property features that may or may not be beneficial to you even though many people consider them useful.

 A Huge Yard

Someone selling a property with a huge yard will always play up the size of the yard as a positive feature of the property. However, this may not be the case for you if you have no use for a big yard. In fact, it can be a negative advantage for you if you have to take care of a big yard (think landscaping and taking care of the lawn) that you see no need of.

Good School District

A good school district is one of the must-have features for parents with school-going children or those who are thinking of becoming parents in the future. However, you don't need a good school district if your kids have already graduated or if you don't have kids and don't plan to have children. In such cases, it makes no sense to pay a premium price to live in a good school district.

 A Swimming Pool

This is another feature that can either excite you or be a bother and even a danger to you. If your household loves swimming and you can take care of a swimming pool then having one in your backyard is worth paying extra money for a home. However, an unkempt swimming pool can quickly become a hazard in your compound. Be careful when buying a home with a pool; make sure you will be able to take care of the pool, and you will be using it first.

A Big House

The bigger-the-better phrase doesn't or shouldn't apply to homeownership. A two-person household, for example, will just be wasting recourses by living in a gigantic five bedroom home. You will be paying huge utility bills, cleaning rooms you aren't using, and paying for repairs in rooms you don't even need. 

Short Commute

Lastly, proximity to the city center is also one of the things property sellers tout when advertising their homes. This is a huge advantage if you are employed in the city center, have a business in the city center or regularly go to the city center for other errands. However, proximity to the city center won't really help you much if you work at home or you are retired and rarely leaves your home.

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