Five High-End Amenities to Look for in Your Next Apartment

Five High-End Amenities to Look for in Your Next Apartment

Five High-End Amenities to Look for in Your Next Apartment

8 November 2018
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If you settle for nothing less than luxury, you want to make sure your apartment meets your demanding taste. Choosing an apartment with high-end amenities can give you that luxury feeling you crave. Here are some of the many amenities to consider as you begin your luxury apartment search.

Keyless Entry Locks

Having quick, easy access to your apartment and apartment building can help you feel safe in a busy city setting. Keyless entry can provide that sense of security you want. Look for a building that offers passcode access instead of keys. In some cases, these keyless locks can be paired with smartphone apps, so you can unlock your apartment remotely to give repair people, contractors, or dog walkers access when you aren't home.

Walk-in Closets

While walk-in closets are somewhat common in master bedrooms, an apartment with a walk-in closet for each bedroom can bring a truly luxurious feel to your new home. Guest rooms with walk-in closets give your out-of-town visitors the feeling of being in an upscale hotel, and walk-in closets in kids' rooms provide ample space for toys, clothing, and all the accessories children of all ages require. Of course, your walk-in closets should be more than empty spaces. Look for an apartment that features shelving, drawers, and cabinets in the closets to keep all your apparel, shoes, and accessories organized.

Bedroom Carpeting

You may find that a lot of apartments have hardwood or tile floors throughout. These floors are easy to care for, and they require less maintenance for landlords when tenants move out. While these hard flooring surfaces can be beautiful, having plush carpeting in the bedrooms can be a true treat for your feet. Carpeting brings more of a cozy feel to these private living spaces, and they also provide added comfort as you get up to face the day each morning.

Secure Package-Receiving Area

With the rise of mail subscription services, grocery delivery, and online shopping, it's important to make sure that you are able to receive packages and deliveries in your apartment building. Instead of taking your chances on packages being left in a common area, look for an apartment building that helps coordinate package deliveries. This might mean having a dedicated locker that delivery persons can leave packages in, or it might mean having a staffed reception desk that can accept and hold packages on your behalf. If you are a dedicated online shopper, this feature is a must-have for your luxury apartment.

Smart Home Features

Smart home features help your apartment take care of you. Apartments equipped with smart locks, lights, thermostats, and other amenities can take a lot of the guesswork out of maintaining your apartment. Look for a building that is already equipped for smart appliances and electronics so you can connect them to your smartphone. With these items in place, you can turn on lights, adjust the temperature, and even watch interior security cameras on your smartphone.

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