Advantages of Card Key Access Control System for Businesses

Advantages of Card Key Access Control System for Businesses

Advantages of Card Key Access Control System for Businesses

9 November 2018
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When it comes to owning or managing an office of company, access control becomes a major concern. For many decades, business owners had no option besides normal deadbolts and keys, but access control has advanced; there are many other choices that are a much better option. One popular choice with many companies is installing a card key system throughout offices, warehouses, or retail locations. While having a card key system installed does require an upfront investment, it comes with many advantages that other types of access control systems do not offer. Some of the top benefits of card key access systems are explored below. 

Each Individual Has a Unique Card Key

Unlike regular keys, which can be reproduced numerous times, each card key is completely unique, meaning that each person in a company has a personal key. Since each card key is custom made, they can be programmed to each employee's personal needs. For example, a card key can be programmed to only allow an employee access to a building during his or her scheduled shifts. It is also possible to limit the amount of access that an employee has. Upper level management may have key cards that give access to all areas of an office, store, or warehouse, while entry-level employees may only be granted access to areas where they work on a daily basis.

Easy Monitoring

While most businesses have surveillance videos and alarm systems, using a card key access system makes it even easier to monitor your company's place of business. Electronic logs are kept for card key access systems, so it is easy to get a report showing the dates and times that any area of a business is accessed and by whom. Some card key access systems also provide alerts if a card key is used at a strange time. For example, if someone uses a card key in the middle of the night outside of business hours, the head of security can be alerted and can check out what is going on.

Ability to Terminate Access

In the past, giving out keys to employees came with a risk. If an employee was fired or left the company on bad terms, there would be no way to know if the employee had extra copies of a key, so all of the locks would have to be replaced. When there is a card key access system in place, deactivating a card key is fast and simple, so you never have to worry about a past employee gaining access to your place of business. 

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