Want Your New Home To Be Easy To Clean? 3 Features To Prioritize When House Hunting

Want Your New Home To Be Easy To Clean? 3 Features To Prioritize When House Hunting

Want Your New Home To Be Easy To Clean? 3 Features To Prioritize When House Hunting

10 November 2018
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If you're frustrated with how dirty your home is, you may be hoping for something new when you're on the hunt for single family homes for sale. As you begin deciding on the criteria to buy a new home, you may be focusing mainly on the size of the home or the neighborhood that it's in. While these are certainly important things to keep in mind, you'll want to look into how easy to home will be to care for.

In many cases, you could end up buying a home that will be a lot of work to keep clean. Instead of struggling with daily cleaning, keep an eye out for the following features.

1. Bare Flooring 

One of the easiest ways to keep your home clean is to look for homes that have bare flooring. Carpeting can look nice and feel comfortable under your feet, but it can also be difficult to care for due to the risk of stains and other damage to the floors. Instead of struggling with keeping up with carpet cleaning, you can have bare floors instead and have cleaning be easy.

Bare flooring includes tile, vinyl, and hardwood, giving you plenty of choices for how your home looks.

2. Standard Height Ceiling

Keeping the ceiling clean is a necessity due to how much dust and cobwebs can collect when you go long periods without cleaning. While a high ceiling can look great and give your home a more luxurious appearance, it can be much more difficult to clean compared to a standard height ceiling. Avoiding homes with taller ceilings, as well as nooks and crannies in the walls, can help make dusting and keeping the home clean.

3. Updated Fixtures

As you check out the kitchen and bathrooms in the home, you need to pay attention to the type of fixtures that are present. Some older fixtures can be very difficult to keep clean, resulting in you needing to spend a lot of time cleaning to prevent stains and other mess in your home. Updating fixtures with stainless steel and other materials that are easy to clean can ensure that you're not spending as much time cleaning.

Taking your time limiting homes to ones that will be easy to clean can require some effort, but will make a big difference in how happy you are with the home after moving in. Instead of rushing to buy a home based on price or other factors, look into how long you can expect to clean each week to keep your home spotless.

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