7 'Must Haves' For Luxury Home Buyers In 2019 And Beyond

7 'Must Haves' For Luxury Home Buyers In 2019 And Beyond

7 'Must Haves' For Luxury Home Buyers In 2019 And Beyond

12 November 2018
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Luxury home buyers are looking for key items in their next home purchase that follow popular trends, yet still allow them to emphasize their individuality. No one wants their home to look exactly like their neighbor's and the 'must haves' of 2019 and beyond underscore that sentiment. 

1. Upgraded Lighting Package: Gone are the days of cheap, builder-grade brass in luxury homes. Builders can no longer get away with using the same dining room chandelier in all price points of homes. Buyers are too savvy. They want the upgraded lighting package. 

2. Natural Stone Counters: Granite is still "in", but buyers want more options. Soapstone, marble, and even recycled glass countertops all gaining popularity as homeowners strive to be different. Attractiveness and uniqueness are just as important as durability in today's market.

3. Patterned Carpet: Solid plush carpets are too boring for luxury home buyers. They want carpet as unique as they are. Patterned carpets, from plaid to floral, are once again coming to the forefront in flooring. Animal prints, like leopard, antelope, and giraffe are also seeing a resurgence. 

4. Reclaimed Wood Floors: Another 'what's old is new again' story belongs to wood flooring. While wood floors will always be a popular choice in residential flooring, the distressed finishes are at peak popularity. The flooring can be purchased directly from the manufacturer distressed or, even better, could be reclaimed wood from an old barn. 

5. Custom Cabinetry: Kitchens and the high-end cabinetry that comes with them are a given at this price point, but this buyer wants custom cabinetry throughout their home. Built-in library shelves in the home office, custom cabinetry in the master closet, and even built-in cabinetry in the hallway in lieu of a linen closet. The more custom a house can be, the better. 

6. Steam Shower: Installing a steam shower is just the beginning. Luxury home buyers want all the bells and whistles in that shower, from as many steam nozzles as will possibly fit, to the rain shower head drenching them from above. 

7. Heated Driveway: The luxury 'must haves' are not limited to the indoors, however. In colder climates, a heated driveway is the ultimate 'must have' for those snowy mornings. Who needs a snowblower when a heated driveway does the trick all on its own?!

Housing trends come and go, and the luxury home market is no different. Quality finishes and high-end materials, however, are always in style. For more information, contact a realtor that works in luxury home sales

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