Selling A Relative's Home

Selling A Relative's Home

Selling A Relative's Home

4 December 2018
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When a relative passes away, and you're tasked with selling their home, it can be more of a challenge than selling your own property. The house may be full of their things, and if you are grieving their loss, the work can seem harder. When selling a family member's house, what can make the sale easier?

1-Put Their Property in Storage

Clearing out any home is usually a good idea for those selling homes so that new people walking through on a tour can imagine the place as theirs. However, since you're in a state of grief, it may feel wrong to get rid of your relative's things. If you're not ready to part with their china sets, golf clubs, or clothing, a storage unit is smart. The unit can handle all their belongings as you show the house and after the sale. As a result, you'll deal with those items as you're comfortable without holding up the property sale.

2-Paint the Walls

Another way you can de-personalize the house and make it better for purchasers is to neutralize wall colors. Your relative may have wanted to keep things super bright, and the walls may be pink, yellow, or other bright colors. However, many purchasers are more comfortable with beige or white walls. Re-painting could enable a faster sale; consider this before showing the place.

3-Do Some Landscaping

In the period before their death and in the time since they've passed away, the property is likely in need of some lawn mowing, raking, and other landscaping activity. Not doing it could mean that you'll sacrifice some money when offers start coming in. Make the property more attractive by considering how it looks to someone who could be your buyer.

4-Get an Inspection

Unless you've already been living in the home, you might be unaware of problems your relative was having with the home. A comprehensive professional inspection will alert you to structural and appliance problems so that they're addressed before you hand off the house to someone else.

5-Work With an Attorney

If you're concerned about the proceeds of the sale, an attorney is critical. Real estate attorneys can divide proceeds among you and other relatives if that's what's required. They can, of course, also assist with other elements of the sale too.

These details make a relative's home sale easier. With a listing agent or realtor offering a full suite of different real estate services, the transaction is more easily done.

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