Things To Include On The Offer You Make To Buy A House

Things To Include On The Offer You Make To Buy A House

Things To Include On The Offer You Make To Buy A House

5 December 2018
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When you choose a house to buy, you will need to talk to your real estate agent about writing up an offer to buy it. Writing up an offer is a necessary step to buy a house, and the offer you write up will need to include a lot of important details. Here are some of the top things your offer should include when you decide to write one for the house you want to buy.

The basic facts about the house

Your offer should start off by stating the basic facts about the house, including the address, parcel number, and location of the house. By including these facts, you can be certain that the offer you are writing up is for the house you want to buy.

The price you are willing to pay

Secondly, you will need to state the exact price you are willing to pay the person for this house, and you can choose any price you want. Keep in mind, though, that offering a price that is well under the asking price might result in the seller declining your offer. If you really want to buy a home, you should make an offer that is decent. You should also realize that the seller could counter your offer with a higher amount if it is not high enough for him or her to accept.

The contingencies you are including

You will also need to write in any contingencies you may want. For example, if you want to get the house inspected before closing, you will need to write this in. If you want the seller to pay some of your closing costs, write this in with the amount you are requesting. If you want the seller to fix something, write this in with the specific request you have.

The amount of time the seller has to respond to your offer

You must also give the seller a certain amount of time to respond to your offer, which could be one to three days. If the seller does not respond by this time, the deal is off, and you will not be obligated to buy the house.

The amount of money you are putting down as earnest money

You must also write in how much money you are putting down with the purchase offer, and this money is referred to as earnest money. The amount could be anywhere from $500 to $10,000, depending on the situation and the asking price of the house.

These are all important details to add to the purchase offer you write up for a house. If you have questions about any of these things or would like to write up an offer, contact a real estate agent today.

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