Considerations To Weigh Before Buying A Golf Course Home

Considerations To Weigh Before Buying A Golf Course Home

Considerations To Weigh Before Buying A Golf Course Home

11 December 2018
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If you love to play golf and want to live near wide-open green lawns, then buying a home located on a golf course is a great choice. Close access to the first hole is only one benefit of golf course community living. In addition, you will have beautiful year-round views and plenty of visiting wildlife to enjoy. 

However, if you have never bought a golf course home, there are a few considerations you need to weigh before deciding how close to the course is right for your family, including the following.

Flying Projectiles in Your Backyard

The closer your home is to the golf course, then the higher the probability it will be pelted by golf balls from time to time. Since this can be dangerous for your family and pets, buying a home that is not directly on the course or in a remote area along the green can lower this risk and give your home a higher resale value.

To check a home to see if it has been hit by golf balls, walk around the side that backs up to the course. Look for signs of replaced windows or hit marks where balls have bounced off of the siding. As you walk around, look to see if you find any balls laying around in the yard. If you find any balls, it is very likely the house is being hit. 

Early Morning Mower Noise

There is a reason that golf course lawns always look amazing and it isn't a quiet process. Since the quality of the game is so greatly affected by how well the grass is manicured, golf courses take great care to run their mowers daily during the spring and summer months. Since it is best to mow grass early in the morning, you can expect to hear commercial lawn mowers before dawn.

If you are a heavy sleeper or early riser, then this won't be an issue. However, if you like to sleep in late or are bothered by noise, then choosing a home off of the course is a better choice.

A Lack of Privacy

It's also important to note that homes on a golf course typically have less privacy, especially in their backyards. If you love having a yard that's open to the course and don't care about privacy issues, then it isn't a problem. But, if you are a private person and want to put up a large privacy fence before moving in, then it's important to check and ensure you can do so before choosing your home. If you can't put up a fence, then a home off of the course would be more appropriate.

For more information about buying golf course homes, speak to a local real estate agent.

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