Three Reasons Why It Is So Much Easier To Relocate As Military Personnel Now Than It Was Twenty Years Ago

Three Reasons Why It Is So Much Easier To Relocate As Military Personnel Now Than It Was Twenty Years Ago

Three Reasons Why It Is So Much Easier To Relocate As Military Personnel Now Than It Was Twenty Years Ago

19 January 2019
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As a member of the military, you accept the fact that your career may take you all over the country, and possibly all over the world. While some people may have a hard time adjusting to this constant moving and never putting down roots, the good news is that it is now easier to relocate as military personnel than it was just twenty years ago. Here is why.

​More Real Estate Agencies Are Dedicated to Finding Military Personnel Homes

​As a way of saying thanks to all of the soldiers and officers who are serving their country, many real estate agents set aside properties that might benefit the soldiers/officers. They only show these particular properties to military because of the approximate location to military bases and because the properties are known to be temporary abodes. If you want something more permanent, the agents can show you homes that are close to a base, or homes that qualify for VA loans and VA loan benefits. 

Vacation and Property Rental Sites Now Exist

​There has been such a major boom in vacation and property rental sites in the last decade that virtually anyone can find temporary housing at an affordable cost. You can rent these places for a few days to a few months, which in military terms of residency is perfect. At any time that you find that you have to pack up and go, you can, and then you just find another vacation/property rental with no major lease strings attached. Some property rental owners will even give preferential treatment to military people, which is something you can ask about at the time of booking.

​The Military Is a Little More Lax About Where You Live

​With a few exceptions, the military is a little more lax about the hard and fast rule of living on base. As such, you have more options for more comfortable living available to you. Most of the options have to be pre-approved if you want rent subsidy payments from the military, but you can still find something more agreeable than living in the barracks. As for international living and international relocations, real estate agents can help with those arrangements as well. The branch you work for has select agencies with which it works to find soldiers and officers and their families places to live abroad. Ask your C.O. about these particular real estate agencies if your military relocation will bring you overseas in a peaceful country.

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