How To Find That Just-Right Home Of Your Dreams

How To Find That Just-Right Home Of Your Dreams

How To Find That Just-Right Home Of Your Dreams

8 March 2019
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No matter how you approach a home search, almost everyone ends up using a combination of wants, needs, and gut instincts to find their dream home. No matter how many boxes a home may check off for you, if the home doesn't feel right, you are not likely to view it in positive terms. There are a few tell-tale signs that you've finally found that just-right home, so read on to see if any of them rings your front doorbell.

You Are Bowled Over by the Curb Appeal

You can tell a lot about a home without entering it, and it's not for no reason that sellers are encouraged to make that first impression an awesome one. The exterior may tug at your desires for a certain architectural style or it might be your idea of class. You can often predict that the inside will match the outside to a tee. When you find yourself glued to the listing photo in an unnatural and embarrassing manner, you might just be looking at your new home.

The Home is in the Perfect Location

The top three most important aspects of a home are all the same, and it's easy to see why. You can change paint colors, add a deck to the back, and plant trees and bushes in the yard, but you cannot do anything about your home's location once you buy it. If the home you like is in a great neighborhood, top school district, and convenient to work, shopping, worship, and play, you might be willing to overlook some minor issues. Properties in great locations are rare, so don't think too long and hard before you make an offer.

The Home is Already Completely Decorated (In Your Mind)

When you walk into the master bedroom and automatically begin placing your bed, dresser, and other pieces of furniture around the room, you might be in love with the home. This obsession to decorate the home can go beyond furniture placement and extend to window treatments, paint colors, rugs, and lamps. If you have already filled out several wish lists on home goods sites online with a particular home in mind, you might need to make it your own.

You Accept the Home's Flaws

You might be prepared for all homes to have their issues, but when you really have no intention of purchasing a particular home it's all-too-easy to be critical and dismissive. Be prepared to have the tables turned once you find a home you love, however. If you find that flaws in a certain home can be discounted or explained-away, you might have found a home that speaks to you regardless of its imperfections.

Getting started on finding the home of your dreams is as easy as contacting a local real estate agent so do so at your earliest convenience.

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