Want To Move Into A Townhome? Information You Should Learn First

Want To Move Into A Townhome? Information You Should Learn First

Want To Move Into A Townhome? Information You Should Learn First

13 March 2019
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If you want to move into a townhome this is a good choice. A townhome is smaller than a traditional home but can work well for many people. Before you start looking for townhomes, however, there is information you should learn first. This will help you get the townhome that is best for you.

Easement Rights

There are likely easement rights when it comes to your townhome. This does depend on where the townhome is located, however. For example, if there is a townhome on either side of you there are likely easement rights. This means your neighbors have control over things you can do and changes you can make. You will not be able to remodel the inside of your townhome if it affects the wall adjoining your townhome with your neighbors. You will not be able to install a driveway or install a fence unless your neighbor agrees if anything goes over the easement line.

You should also know that in most townhomes you must take care of all upkeep, such as mowing the lawn, taking care of the inside, and more.

HOA Fees

If the townhome is in a neighborhood that has a Home Owner's Association (HOA) you must learn what the fees are. In most cases these fees will be an amount you will be able to pay. There are some cases, however, where the fees will be much higher. You need to take this into consideration.

If there is an HOA you may have to help fund things, such as any neighborhood holiday parties whether you attend or not. You would have restrictions on how many cars you can park in your driveway or how you landscape your lawn. If you do not want this there are many townhomes available that are not in a neighborhood that is constrained by an HOA.


One important thing to consider is the neighbors. You may have neighbors that are going to be loud, such as play an instrument, have parties a lot, or listen to loud music. If they party a lot, the noise would be much higher. Even though many neighbors will be polite and turn the volume down on the noise you will have others that will not.

Instead of relying on the real estate agent to know this information visit the townhome on different days and times. Weekends are a good time especially during the night. Plan to go in the early evening, as well as late, as many parties last into the night.

To help you find a townhome faster, contact a real estate agent, such as RE/MAX Properties, Ltd.: Marna Brown-Krausz.

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