Looking for Acreage

Looking for Acreage

Looking for Acreage

13 November 2019
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When seeking acreage there are a lot of things to think about as you go through the process of finding the right piece of land. When you aren't familiar with making this type of purchase, you want to learn about some of the main things to pay attention to, many of which aren't generally issues that come with buying a home in an established neighborhood. Here are some things you'll need to pay specific attention to when going after the right piece of land that offers acreage.

Know what to look for with regards to location

When searching for the right home in a residential area, you may look for something in a good neighborhood close to shopping. When looking for acreage, your attention should be on things like properties that have easy road access and even those with paved road access, land with great views, land that's not in a flood zone, and even land with good soil.

Understanding zoning laws

Just because you purchase a piece of land with acreage doesn't mean that you can assume you will be able to use the land for whatever you want. For example, if you plan to have horses, then make sure you know about the zoning laws regarding livestock. Some areas may still prohibit livestock, including horses, for other reasons and there may be zoning laws regarding how much livestock one can have per acre of property.

Considering utility access

You are going to want to know all about the utilities and how you will get things like power and water to the land. The land may be right near power and you would only need to pay to have it brought a short distance to the land. However, power may be far away, and you may do best with a generator. Also, you'll need to know about water and whether you will have a well or you will need to have it hauled in.

Be clear on the property boundaries

When looking at a large piece of land, you want to be very clear on the boundaries for that piece of land. Otherwise, you may choose a lot for the great hill it has on it only to find that the property cut off is just shy of that great hill.

Now that you see the thought process you should have when looking for acreage, you'll have an easier time shopping for that right piece of property. For more information on acreage for purchase, contact services such as Coldwell Banker Action Realty.

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