Construction Site Security Guards Can Keep An Eye Out For Mischevious Kids

Construction Site Security Guards Can Keep An Eye Out For Mischevious Kids

Construction Site Security Guards Can Keep An Eye Out For Mischevious Kids

30 December 2019
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A construction site might not seem like the likeliest place for trouble. Therefore, people don't think the site requires a high level of security. Such an assessment is short-sighted. Construction sites can appeal to youngsters looking to get into mischief. If a professional crew isn't available to keep them from entering the site, they might trespass and get hurt. Many hazards exist on a construction site, so instances of unauthorized entry can't be allowed.

Fences and Barriers Only Do So Much

A steel fence surrounding a construction site does work to a degree. The same may be true of signs posting "No trespassing" and warnings about arrest and prosecution to those who ignore the signs have value. Sadly, many young persons may choose to ignore those signs. A construction site becomes a place to hide away from prying eyes for underage drinking, skateboarding trickery, and more. Young people don't always think through risky behavior. Signs and fences may not work on some of them. The presence of a construction security guard, however, stresses the futility of trespassing. 

Supporting the Security Guard

A construction site may only have one guard working on the premises. He/she may perform rounds once an hour and look for anything out of the ordinary. A single guard can't be everywhere at once, but some technological support could lend a helping hand. A camera stream the guard can review on a smartphone allows him/her to check up on areas left unattended. Motion detector lights send a signal that strange movement takes place. Alarms blare audible red flags when a gate or door opens without authorization. Hiring a security guard makes sense, as will providing the guard with enough tech support to do his/her jobs.

Security Guards Perform Detective Work

Savvy security guards can be on the alert for suspicious behavior or evidence of potential trespassing. Did someone try and cut a padlocked chain securing a fence closed? A security guard could notice the telltale signs of the failed use of a bolt cutter. A camera might not see mysterious footprints in a pile of sand, but an astute guard might. Afterward, increased security steps may be taken.

Worries About Liability

Although the law may limit liability claims for trespassers, construction site managers and property owners never know what can occur in court. Preventing kids from trespassing keeps them off the property, which may keep them out of harm's way.

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